The construction of SUNSTONE Polar Exploration Cruise Project have been started

Release time:2018-11-24

With the start of construction of SUNSTONE project, the contract of ventilation system design, manufacture, installation and test for this project contracted by our company has come into effect. The Polar Exploration Cruise is the first ship to be built under a contract signed by China Merchants Bureau Industrial Group and SunStone Company of the United States for 4 + 6 Polar Exploration Cruises. It is expected to be delivered in August 2019. The ship is 104.4 meters long and 18.4 meters wide. Its design speed is not less than 15.5 knots. It meets the requirements of safety return, USPH, USCG and other relevant codes. It also meets the requirements of Ice Class 1A and Polar Code POLAR CAT-B. Its advancement and uniqueness are in the leading position in the world.